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Option BLE Bluetooth Low Energy Card

  • Option BLE Bluetooth Low Energy Card

    Kodas: 5414140066607
    Lizingo skaičiuoklės
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    12 mėn.
  • Gamintojas Option
    Gross depth (mm) 115.00 mm
    Gross height (mm) 25.00 mm
    Bruto svoris 0.14 kg
    Gross width (mm) 105.00 mm
    Neto svoris 0.08 kg
    Packing quantity 1.00 dalių
    Paper/Pasteboard 50.00 g
    Plastic (No PET) 10.00 g
    Tare weight (kg) 0.06 kg
    Volume (m3) 0.00 m³
    Embeeded battery No
    WEEE tax No
    Gamintojo prekės modelio pavadinimas CG1119-12096
    Gamintojo prekės serija Bluetooth Low Energy Card
    Garantija 12 mėn.
    Kitos savybės The BLE expansion card enables Option’s CloudGate gateway to receive message from BLE beacons using the iBeacon protocol. It’s firmware can be managed through LuvitRED, Option’s ‘drag & drop’ configuration tool, supporting other types of communication in any RF frequency from 2400MHz to 2524MHz.
    Application Smart Building, Industry 4.0